Just 30 Steps Away


There are a thousand and one reasons why I love my job and the people I work with, but here are a couple. One of my favorite things about working here is the proximity I have to my colleagues.

While, I’m not in the office right now, when I am, this is what it’s like. My processor is 27 feet from my desk. What about my underwriter? I need not look further than 67 feet and there they are! My operations manager takes 30 steps, give or take, to complete the 78-foot journey from their desk to mine. The president of the company is a mere 96 feet away.

I measure every step. You might be wondering why this matters so much to me.If a need arises that requires rapid response time, my processor isn’t in Pennsylvania and my underwriter isn’t in Nebraska or a different state with a significant time difference.

Every person working at C&F Mortgage Corp. is a member of your community, not just a disembodied voice over the phone. This is another factor that keys into my enthusiasm for my job. I have a name and it is attached to a welcoming face that you just might bump into at the grocery store, the movie theatre or your favorite brunch spot, at least pre-Covid era. 

The president of the company isn’t exempt from this either. You really could run into him while going about your day. This is as local as it gets!  With other mortgage companies, there is a lack of that local-feel and it is not uncommon to get 15 different people on the phone in several locations which can breed a lack of accountability. 

C&F Mortgage Corp. has 100 percent accountability on that front because everyone you want to talk to is in the same vicinity, from the lenders to even the president of the company. Because of this, you can trust that every decision that goes into your mortgage is in not only capable, but familiar hands. We have been able to build a large referral network from our good quality of service and we treasure the relationship we have with all our clients.  

I find it comforting to know that everyone I need to make a decision regarding a loan is by my side so we can provide the best service to you.


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