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The Internet is Your Best Friend. Except When It Comes to Mortgaging Your Home

  My best advice for buying a home is to stay off the internet! Google is a vast and valuable resource and has instantaneous results, which is convenient; however, mortgage lending is quite nuanced. The internet doesn’t always have the information specific to your needs. Shocking, right? Talk to a mortgage professional and you will see that no two mortgages are ever going to be the same. Now, the next thing is who exactly you need to be speaking with. Perhaps you are unsure of whether you need to go into a bank or speak directly to a loan officer. I have the answer for you! My recommendation is to always speak to mortgage specialist because we are the experts in the field. Think of it as not going to a general practitioner for heart problems and going straight to a cardiologist. Makes sense, right? Here’s another analogy for you. Which do you think would be a better option, going to WebMD to self-diagnose a health concern or booking an appointment with a doctor? WebMD has great advice

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