The Aspiring Homeowners Stepping Stone

 Are you thinking about purchasing a home this year? You might be wondering how to begin the mortgage process. 

My advice can be condensed into four words: Get. Your. House. Together.

Find your paystubs, your past 2 years W-2’s and source your tax returns. If you are self-employed, put your accountant in touch with your loan officer.

Technology has made it easy to transfer forms to mortgage lenders. All you need to do is scan the documents using apps like Scannable or even the built-in scanner on iPhone notes. Then shoot it over in an email! I would also suggest putting all your important documents in a thumb drive. Have your bank statements readily available and watch all your deposits. Keep an eye on your credit score! I cannot stress this enough.

Before you think about taking out a mortgage, sit down with a professional. A good loan officer will guide you in the right direction to build up your credit score if it took some hits from previous late payments or collections. My advice is to wait to take out a mortgage and strengthen your score first. It might take some time, but it yields great rewards such as better rates and loan programs.


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