Happy 2020! Did you make any resolutions that you have already broken?

Happy 2020! Did you make any resolutions that you have already broken? I kid, but not really! Recently, a dear friend of mine, Kate Lawrence, bought a new home and I helped with the financing. She was a first timer and buying a home was on her bucket list. You know, the list of all the things you want to accomplish? She showed me her list of 100 things— it is truly an awesome list!! She showed me the list because there were things on it that I could help her knock off.

If you know me or have paid any attention to my posts, I live for all music!! You can just as easily find me at a country concert, as a rap show. Boy Band? Yep. Bluegrass, oh yeah! Jam Bands, I mean— come on now!! Heavy Metal might be pushing it, but I’ll give it a go. On Kate’s list she included going to a music festival (what, what?!?), attend ANY concert at Red Rocks- which just so happens to be one of my FAVORITE outdoor venues. Kate was speaking my language and I loved it!! Hopefully, I can help her knock 2 more off her list.

So maybe this year, no resolutions. Make a bucket list!! Show your family, your friends and your coworkers—whoever may be able to help you ✔️ them off! I just checked one of mine —I visited Machu Picchu in Peru on New Year’s Day. One of the 7 Wonders of the World! It was completely majestical and no pictures I have will ever do it justice! Put it on your list. You will not be disappointed.

Kate got the idea to write her bucket list from a friend, six months before this story was written. Where will you find your inspiration? If buying a home is on YOUR bucket list, you know I’m more than willing to help you achieve your dreams of owning your very own!

Cheers and happiness for the New Year
- MissyB


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