Charity of the Month: Sportable

As you all probably know, I’m always working on lots of different projects and get involved in various charities throughout RVA. One organization that stood out for me this year is Sportable. The Executive Director, Hunter Leemon, is a good friend of mine and fellow Randolph-Macon Alum. Go JACKETS!!

From Sportable’s website
“We don’t just provide adaptive sports and recreation opportunities in RVA –The reason Sportable exists is to transform the lives of people with physical and visual disabilities through sport! We know that is a bold claim and some might question whether we can really achieve that mission. Our response – come meet our athletes, hear their stories, watch them when they are in their “zone”. We can guarantee they would agree that in some way a transformation has occurred. This visionary approach to our mission allows us to keep pushing forward and aiming high—just as we ask of each of our athletes!“

Doing sports is a great way to feel fulfilled, active and happy. People who have a physical or visual disability don’t always have the opportunity to participate in sports. Sportable does a fantastic job in making playing sports a reality for these individuals.

C&F Mortgage and I are trying to bring awareness to this organization because we believe in all the good that this does for our community. If you’d like to learn more about Sportable, please visit their website here.

Pictured below is a fundraiser event at Buskey Cider in Scott's Addition for Ron Rosenberg. What a great thing he is doing!! Not only is he fulfilling a lifelong dream of going to every ballpark across the country, he’s raising money and awareness for Sportable.  I don't think I've ever been so jealous of this bucket list goal!   You can follow him on Twitter @RonforSportable or Instagram @ronwisconsin and donate here. $14,00000 to be raised for 14,000 miles traveled.  Total Inspiration!  Go Ron, Go!!











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