2018's Scout Guide

At this point you may have heard that I was featured in the Scout Guide. The reason why I am so proud of this is because it really is a privilege to be on it. You have to be Scouted, which is where the name comes from.

It positions itself as a resource center for people from out of town to find the best of the best.

From their website:
"The Scout Guide (TSG) is a publication dedicated to living beautifully, living well, and living like an insider—wherever you are. We connect you with inspiration, as well as with makers and experts who can help you enhance your life, elevate your surroundings, and enjoy your community to the fullest.

In our print guides, we feature excellent independently owned businesses and business owners that both locals and travelers should know about in more than 60 cities."

I think that last part is pretty great, it's featuring independent local businesses, like C&F and myself.

Thank you all for your support throughout the years, I wouldn't be here without my friends, family and clients.


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