Don’t be another Horror Story, work with a local lender!

I’ve been doing this job a long time and i’ve run into too many people that were trying to save a couple of bucks so they decided to go with a big lender, or even worse, an online one. 

Let me just tell you guys why that isn’t always the best idea, 

  1. You’re just a number
I hate to say it but that’s how they get such “good” rates. They work in volume which leaves the door open to more mistakes which can then become a delay. If you’re someone who is looking to purchase a home, a delay can mean thousands of dollars! Here’s one simple scenario that i’ve seen happen: you put your home on the market for sale and you’re planning on buying a new one. If there are any delays in your ability to purchase your new home, you could be stuck living nowhere. This means, hotel bills, moving and storage costs, and just lots of time being spent on something that should’ve gone smoothly.

  1. Put a face on it
I have an open door policy, yes in many cases I never meet my buyers face to face, but they take comfort in knowing that I am local and just a short drive away. Most big banks do their loan processing at their headquarters to save money, so you never really meet who is in charge and there is no direct line of communication between you and your lender. That alone is pretty scary, especially when you’re dealing with hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

  1. Flex room
One of my favorite things about working at C&F is that I know everyone in the building, and I work in our headquarters, in fact I talk to my boss everyday. So if a situation arises with a client that needs a little bit of flexibility from the bank, we can try to work with them. These kind of exeptions don’t really exist when you deal with large banks. It goes back to their clients just being a number in their books, they’re not interested in trying to figure out a solution for you when they can get another customer at the drop of a hat. It’s sad but true. 

  1. Good business for small business means more business
Back in the day, businesses ran through word of mouth and less from advertising. I still believe that the best type of client will be the type that comes from a referral. I want to do a GREAT job for all of my clients, and even though I know I won’t be able to make everyone happy, I will try my best. Those happy clients will tell all of their friends and family. This alone is reason enough for me to do an outstanding job. 

If you have any questions whatsoever about how I can help you become a homeowner, please don't hesitate to give me a call! 


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