Get your pre-approvals done!

Yes, it's still a little chilly outside but the Real Estate market is very hot right now! I've already had an amazing 2017 and we're only a couple of months in. This past February has already been a great one but as a buyer, now more than ever you should make sure that you're pre-approved before buying. Why? Houses are selling very quickly and it's not even Spring yet!

As a Loan Officer, one of my primary goals is to make sure that you get the home of your dreams, but in order to do so, you need to be prepared to make an offer when you find that perfect home. We can't do this unless you get pre-approved first. Any realtor will tell you this, so make sure that you consult with a qualified Loan Officer before you start looking. I'd hate for you to miss out on a great home because of something that we can prepare you in advance for.

Happy house hunting!


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