4 Reasons why the Holidays are the BEST times to buy!

A lot you may be putting off your home buying plans on hold after the Holidays, and as a Loan Officer that has been doing this for many years, I can tell you that you should start the process today!

Lock In Your Rates
We can't predict what they market will look like after the holidays, and most people don't think of getting pre-approved until they start looking at houses. It's important for you to get your paperwork in order just in case you find a property that you like. It can take a little bit of time to get pre-approved and there is a high demand for housing now so if you don't want to miss out on a great home, make sure to have your pre-approval letter on hand. Rates can be locked in for two months, so even if you don't buy right now you can find out what your interest rates are going to be now and shop around with ease. 

Less Buyers / Competition
Buying a house can be competitive in today's Real Estate Market, many desirable homes are selling quickly. During the holidays, most people will be preoccupied with holiday shopping and family events but there will still be a healthy housing inventory out there for you to choose from. This can be a huge win for you!

Winter Specials
Moving companies and storage units are typically not as busy during Winter since a lot of people don't enjoy moving during the Winter. Sometimes you can save a little money by taking advantage of any specials they may be running. You can also count on flexibility of dates too since they may be working on less projects.

Avoid the Spring Market
I can tell you from personal experience that Spring is one of the most hectic times for people in the Real Estate industry! You can easily avoid all of that by shopping in the Winter. Even though I always do my absolute best to make sure you close on time, it is not always up to me. When you shop during a slower season we can make sure that other parties involved stay on track. This is great for all of our buyers!

These are my top four reasons why the Winter is the best time to buy, but honestly, don't you want to start your New Year in a new home anyway? Make it one of your New Year's resolution goals to buy a home and start the New Year fresh! 


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