Check Out RVA This Weekend!

There's so much to do this weekend in RVA! With Friday Cheers in full swing and festival season just getting warmed up, check out these (nearly) free activities to do in our fair city this first weekend in June.

Ashland Strawberry Faire
Saturday, June 4th 10am - 5pm
Randolph-Macon College 204 Henry Street

The Faire is a traditional celebration to promote the community and feature the strawberry harvest. The Faire is held on the 1st or 2nd Saturday in June, on the streets adjacent to the Randolph-Macon College campus the week after graduation.
The Faire is a free, community and family-oriented event during which non-profit groups and churches raise funds and offer something for everyone. There are vendors selling arts, crafts, plants, and antiques to the thousands who attend. There are local businesses featured from Ashland and Hanover.

Chalk Up The Town
Saturday, June 4th 4pm - 7pm

Usher in Summer and add color to the streets of Carytown at this year's Chalk Up The Town sidewalk chalk event...
This annual event is great for the whole family, friends, afternoon date or just because you feel like strolling and drawing.
Chalk Up The Town is a FREE event and open to everyone!

Broad Appetit
Sunday, June 5th 11am - 6pm
West Broad Street between Henry St & Adams St.
$3 per plate

The mission of Broad Appétit is to provide an affordable and enjoyable local food festival in that is locally driven and regionally appealing. Broad Appétit exists to promote the amazing food, art, and music that makes Richmond a great place to live and visit. Broad Appétit is hosted by Downtown Neighborhood Association and benefits FeedMore.


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